How often updated materials of your resources?

The advantage of e-learning resources that they can constantly updated. Our team of developers, trainers and experts of subject is in constant creative search that makes learning resources more efficient and rich in content and more interesting and original in form. As soon as their plans come to life and are assessed by experts, they are immediately available for your use. All our subscribers receive regular updates about all the updates performed on the resource.

In the near future (October-November 2014), on the resource will be three new courses covering the full course of the school of mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Is there methodological and technical support for users of resources?

Yes. Teachers of schools that subscribed to our resources receive special training in the use of innovative e-learning resources. In addition, in the near future is expected to open a special section, which will be posted texts and videos relating to methods of use of our resources. Technical support is available to all users of our resources at the numbers listed on the page of contacts.

Who is using your resources already?

Our resources are using in all schools included in "Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools" system, a number of international schools in the Almaty city, as well as more than 350 schools in the Astana city, Karaganda and Kyzylorda regions, as well as other regions of Kazakhstan.

What is the technique of application of resources in the classroom?

Methodology and Practice of our resources in the classroom depend on the teacher's creative thought. Our lessons can be used as a presentation of the material during the explanation of the new theme, as quality of practical tasks during fastening threads or as an interesting illustrative (visual) material during the repetition of themes.But most of the teachers prefer to use the so-called technique of inverted class when using our own resources, students become familiar with the new theme before coming to class (for example homework), and the teacher in the class devotes more time to have a discussion of this themes rather than its explanation.

What if a mistake is found in the materials?

Mistakes can be found. There can be occasional mistakes in the text and the speaker’s mistakes. We will be very grateful to you if you find any mistake and let us know. It will be immediately corrected. We will also welcome your suggestions and ideas to improve our learning resources. Active participation in the correction of mistakes and the best ideas for the development of the resource will be rewarded.

How to organize individual (students) use of resources (at home)?

It is recommended to find and preview the themes in advance that you will be held in the classroom. This will give you the opportunity to feel more confident in the classroom during the explanation of the new theme also stand out preparedness.

Also our resources can be used to fill the gaps arising after the passage of a topic in the classroom. Very useful to work with the resource before doing homework to refresh and strengthen memory nuances covered in class and confidently do homework.

How can the school subscribe to your resources and how much does it cost?

In order to sign up your school to our resource, the school administration must send us a request. Which form is available on the contact page. The cost of an annual subscription depends on the number of pupils in the school. Table with prices available at the following link: http://www.bilimmedia.kz/ru/price.

How the individual users can subscribe on your resources for and how much does it cost?

Individual users (students, parents and teachers) can subscribe to our resources without getting up from their seats. It's enough to have a payment card system of VISA, MasterCard or American Express, issued by any bank. Press the button to subscribe and make payment according to the instructions. Security card payment is provided by the processing center Kazkommertsbank.

If you can not pay by card, you can use the method of payment through QIWI terminal, which are available in the country. Instructions to use this method of payment are described in Section subscribe.

Monthly subscription for an individual user is 999 tenge. If you will subscribe for a longer period there are provided significant discounts. If there are any difficulties when you pay, you can contact to Technical Support at the numbers listed in the contact section.

What is QIWI Wallet?

This is an electronic purse which based on prepaid accounts in the system QIWI. The users of QIWI Wallet can quickly and conveniently pay for different online services, including subscription to our resources. Users can recharge their account in QIWI Wallet using QIWI terminal.

What is the current balance?

It is your personal purse, which is part of your account. Your account and respectively, your current balance, are the same for all of the offered educational resources (www.iTest.kz, www.iMektep.kz, www.Twig-Bilim.kz, www.Bilim-Land.kz). If for payment you use a QIWI terminal, the funds credited to your account entered to your current balance, where you can pay the required sum as the subscription's cost to the selected resource. In this case, the rest of the money will always be stored in your current balance. For example, if you put to your account 1000 tenge through QIWI terminal, they will transferred to your current balance. Then you can use the 999 tenge, as the cost of a monthly subscription to one of our resources. In this case, your current account will be 1 tenge.

Do the State general educational standards and Model curriculum resources materials match the materials of Ministry of Education?

- Our training resources are based on the school curriculum to help teachers in their work and provide an opportunity for students to interesting and effective self-study.

- Using a search engine or structural map you can find nearly any topic that interests you from the curriculum.

By developing our resources, we consciously did not rely on documents such as the State general educational standards and Model curriculum. Because they often change. In addition, many of our users, such as Nazarbayev intellectual schools and international schools do not oriented for these documents.

As far as materials (topics) of resources match with topics in the textbooks used in the school?

The content of our resources is significantly wider than school textbooks. They are not the application to any paper tutorial or textbook. It is an independent educational complex designed to complement and enhance traditional teaching practices.

Why content resources are not structured by grade?

In designing the structure of our courses, we decided to use so-called linear approach. The selected model can cover all sections of the subject through the deep study of each topic as a separate lesson. The helical structure used in the development of training materials for traditional classes involves repetition of the same theme in different classes with a gradual complication. The choice of a linear structure is due to its universal character. Here, each structure is studied widely enough to allow the teacher to work creatively. No class and no tutorial but the skills of the teacher and the individual student's ability determine the level of immersion of each student in subject.

Are the Kazakh, Russian and English versions of the resource materials identical?

In accordance with the program for the development of multilingual education, our systems are designed in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. Kazakh and Russian versions of the content are identical, but the English version of the course is focused on the international program of K12 and can help prepare for international tests and specialized English-language learning in the university.