Interactive Course

Year 3

001. I play tennis.
002. Does he play basketball?
003. Do you have a hobby?
004. Do you like swimming?
005. Sing, song, singing
006. What sport do you like?
007. Today is Monday.
008. I play football on Tuesday.
009. What do you do after school?
010. Anna walks to school.
011. The days of the week
012. I can spell the days!
013. I can count to twenty!
014. What’s the time?
015. It's ten o'clock.
016. What time do you get up?
017. Nine or nineteen
018. When do you go swimming?
019. What do you do every day
020. I have lunch at school.
021. I get up and get dressed.
022. School starts at nine o’clock.
023. Is S stressed
024. My day
025. Happy Birthday!
026. Can you come to my party?
027. Would you like some birthday cake?
028. Let’s take a photo!
029. Kim makes a carrot cake.
030. Birthday song
031. Fruit
032. Do you like oranges?
033. Would you like an apple?
034. Which flavour would you like?
035. An orange and an apple
036. Would you like an ice cream?
037. What’s for dinner?
038. Do you like vegetables?
039. What’s your favourite food?
040. What would you like to drink?
041. My robot likes carrots and onions.
042. What would you like?
043. At the beach
044. There are a lot of fish in the sea.
045. Is that your sister?
046. Whose glasses are these?
047. The cat with a hat
048. Where's the frog?
049. It's a tiger!
050. Look at the giraffe.
051. Has it got big ears?
052. Can you see him?
053. It's got very small ears.
054. I'm painting a picture.
055. Read me a story.
056. This is a story about flying kites.
057. What happens at the end?
058. What a funny story!
059. I want to paint a picture.
060. Storytime
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